Mobility | The New Flossing

Make mobility what flossing was for me! One healthy little habit to add into your day.

My 2021 New Years Resolution

Last year was the first time I ever stuck to a New Years Resolution. It might seem a little silly, but my New Years Resolution was to floss everyday before bed.

Okay, from the start I’ll be honest in saying I didn’t totally floss everyday…When I was on holidays or perhaps after a long day, I did miss it. But I reckon I flossed about 230-240 times in 2021, probably about 220 more than I have in my whole life! I count that as a massive improvement and a successfully implemented New Years Resolution.

I always hated flossing, I have an electric toothbrush and I brush my teeth for two minutes twice a day and I figured that was enough. However, each time I went to the dentist they always told me that I need to floss. I tried the little dental toothpick things but my teeth are packed in tight so it wasn’t very practical, so it always came back to the recommendation to floss. Therefore in 2021, I made a commitment to get serious about flossing.

It is a small little addition to the day, and at the start it felt like a mission. My partner (with perfect teeth may I add!) is a keen bean flosser, so the guidance/motivation was there which kept me going and soon it became much more natural for me. However, unless I munched down a corn on the cob, I personally didn’t notice any change.

The Dental check up of affirmation

When I went back to the Dentist for my check ups, for the first time in my life I didn’t get asked about why I didn’t floss, instead she simply said ‘I can see you have been flossing’. That was the affirmation I needed. Even though I wasn’t exactly seeing a difference, the specialist knew, and more importantly my teeth knew! So this small little habit, although I don’t have instant feedback from it, is going to serve me well into my life with better longevity in my teeth.

Mobility could be for you what flossing was for me….A little healthy habit that can be added into your day which gives you longevity in your body. You might not notice the goodness right away, but your body will. When you listen, your body will let you know about it in subtle ways such as being more resilient against injury, allowing you to perform better or with less pain in your movements and allowing you to enjoy your hobbies for longer.

Therefore, make 2022 mobility what 2021 flossing was for me. One healthy little habit that you can add into your life.

For example, add in some hip rotations before breakfast, a runner adding in calf raises whilst brushing their teeth, a daily 5 minute lunchtime neck and shoulder mobility break at your work, making a commitment to never skipping a warm up, oh the list goes on! But to try to keep it simple, achievable and make it relevant for you, your body and your hobbies. A small healthy habit to add into your 2022 and beyond 💗.

If you want any help, advice or inspiration, drop me an email and let’s chat! And remember, my Portal has 100’s of mobility and workout options for you to move and groove your way into 2022.

🌟 Happy New Year 🌟

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