No such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing | Why I don’t preach this…

I grew up in Ireland, it’s called the Emerald Isle for a reason, that grass is happily hydrated all the time! I went to University and worked in the UK where the weather was a bit better. We then moved to Sydney where the weather was utterly fabulous for 90% of the time. Currently we live in Amsterdam, a place known for its high levels of wind, rain and grey skies.

In these wetter climates, a common saying that often comes up is ‘oh there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.’ As someone who basically always has put practicality above fashion, I felt a level of frustration by this, as my large investment in good clothing didn’t result in me believing that this weather was now good.

I have an amazing raincoat, it is designed in Amsterdam for Amsterdammers cycling in all weathers. I have a 100% waterproof bag, waterproof shoes and waterproof trousers. Do I look fashionable, heck no! Do I stay dry, heck yes! Do I believe the weather isn’t bad….Ummmm, no way.

I didn’t come to Amsterdam expecting Australian levels of Vitamin D. When it rained in Sydney, things got cancelled. If this happened in Amsterdam, we would be housebound for at least 260 days of the year! I understand that this saying is just about being thick skinned and getting on with it, accepting the climate and that it is beyond our control. However, this saying triggers me. And it triggers something deeper within me about how we promote movement in countries with long winters/rainy conditions.

Singing in the rain

If you like running (or singing) in the rain go for it! I am really happy that you had a wonderful session that served you and your body well. My partner likes a drizzly running situation, but for me, it isn’t my jam. And I’ve had many soggy runs to try and get conditioned to it! Someone’s ideal or tolerable weather doesn’t need to be yours.

Instead of forcing a situation because you believe it is all in your head, or your clothing, or your training program says to do it…How about you adapt the situation? What’s the next best activity related option? I’m not saying to stay at home and be sedentary, I’m saying let’s switch it up. How far is your gym or studio? Can you take public transport or drive there rather than cycle or walk in a storm? What workouts can you do at home? *Log into for all your mobility/core/workout hybrid classes 🙃 *

If you don’t enjoy outdoorsy movement in the rain, you don’t have to force it if you don’t need to. We are required do a lot of tasks in our lives, our hobbies should stay enjoyable and be a ‘want’ rather than a ‘have to’. If you force yourself to do a hobby in external environments that don’t feel right for you, the chances of falling out of love with your hobby will increase.

‘It’s all about your mindset’

This sentence has been said to me often when I tap out of wet weather outdoor activity. I do think there is some truth to this! You think rain is bad, and therefore it is bad! Sometimes it’s not so bad and it’s nice to push your boundaries. I just encourage you to push your boundaries because you want to, rather than because you feel you have to. Tune into your truth within, what you need and want at this moment.

I spent the first year of my Amsterdam expat life ferociously trying to hold onto my outdoor aussie lifestyle, stubbornly getting up at 05:30am to run in the rain, swimming in cold (questionably clean) waters and cycling against all the elements. ‘It’s all about my mindset’ was something I tried to implement. Rather than adapting, I was stubborn, and I lost a bit of love for the hobbies that I cherish and felt bitterness towards the location.

Now let’s fast forward to the start of this week when Storm Corrie blew across The Netherlands. On Monday I did a morning ‘at home’ Body Pump class and a virtual evening mobility session. Yesterday I did a lunchtime class with a friend at a fitness studio 5 minutes away from us. All great movements, all were thorough enjoyed and all were adapted to my previous plans of an outdoor bootcamp and a run. I was still active, I just switched it up.    

Be kind to yourself, be true to yourself and adapt as much or as little as you want to the environments around.

So I say, there is such a thing as bad weather (and that’s okay!). And there is such a thing as good clothing. There is also a great concept of adaptability to environments with acceptance rather than stubbornness.

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