Sunrise Seekers

Find ‘your’ movement and start to build around it!
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This morning I got up and chased a sunrise with a bunch of wonderful pals.

When the alarm goes off at 6:10am and you are invited to go out into a dark -2 degree situation, it is only but tempting to reach for the snooze button right? However, the urge to meet up with friends and cycle into nature for a sunrise was much stronger than the desire to huddle down into my duvet.

We were sunrise seekers this morning and we achieved our mission. It was dreamy! This European winter has been long and grey so to witness the morning colours and clear skies was a feast for the senses.

Within grateful moments like this, I return to my day with energy, lightness and enthusiasm. The benefits of finding ‘your movement’ is outstanding! Of course there are physical benefits, but the mental benefits can also fill up your metaphorical cup. You can go onto your day potentially being the best version of yourself in your life and work.

Clear colourful skies, purposeful pedals, plenty of laughter, relentless chats, nature awakening (we counted 5 pheasants and a bunny rabbit), victory scones & hot chocolate and numb hands. For me this is bliss! My gratitude towards my friends, my body, my bike and the weather is enormous! Happy feckin’ Friday.

My message on this Friday afternoon is to find your movement (if you haven’t already found it). What type of activity fills you with excitement, gets you out of bed/off the sofa? What motion enriches you? If you haven’t found it, I encourage you to go and play!

When you find ‘your’ movement, build around it. What can you do to ensure that you can keep this important aspect of your life in your life?

  1. Conditioning and mobility training is a great start in helping with injury prevention. Since adding these two elements into my life, my hobbies have been injury free (touch wood!) so I really like to bang this drum! And if you aren’t sure what this means or looks like for your activity, drop me a message ([email protected]) and let’s have a chat!
  2. It can be awesome to find a community of likeminded enthusiasts that you can share your passion with. Forge friendships, share successes and build each other up with the momentum of one another.   
  3. If you like to work towards a goal, perhaps get one in your sights! If could be a race, challenge, league, belt colour, distance, weight etc. For the goal orientated person, this could be an awesome motivator.  

Movement/sport/activity has many physical benefits, we know this! But the mental benefits are also just as outstanding and maybe even more powerful.

Today’s message is a simple one. Don’t underestimate the power of movement for the body and the soul! Find your jam, build around it and reap the benefits.

Have a wonderful weekend  😊

Ps, all of these smiling faces are also so happy because we are all awesome members of the Move Better Mobility Community! And if you wanna join us cool cats with mobility training, click here.

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