The annual productivity cost of physical inactivity among employees to UK businesses is £6.6 billion

Source: PJM Economics report for AXA PPP healthcare, 2019

Physical inactivity and increasingly sedentary office working environments can be harmful to health and wellbeing for employees. This can have a significant impact on sick days, presenteeism, productivity and work satisfaction levels.

Regular physical activity boosts workplace morale, teamwork and concentration. It is also a smart decision for your business as it is proven that physically inactive workers lose many productive days days per year compared to those who are active.

Mobility training is inclusive and accessible for all and can be done in any location. No need for equipment, changes of clothing or even a mat! Sounds interesting? Learn more below and contact us at [email protected] for a free consultation! 


Live virtual

We connect directly with your teams to activate and educate them on the health benefits of mobility training

Desk Dwellers

Access to our specific online program for workers who are deskbound either in the office or at home


Employees have full online access to our Move Better Mobility portal, with over 100 different training options

Flexible and open approach

Access to our online tools is easily updated for new joiners and leavers. No lock-in contracts, cancel any time

The Desk Dwellers program is available to all of your team in our online portal

We are driven to become a trusted long-term partner for businesses with up to 100 employees, demonstrating a clear return on your investment whilst having fun at the same time! Please contact us at [email protected] to learn more. 


The Desk Dwellers program has helped the team to integrate healthy habits in their work life. The mobility classes are something you think you don’t need, and don’t have time for. But as soon as you do the class, you realise how important your mobility and posture is when working behind a computer all day.

The training gives you a little break during the day, you feel amazing afterwards, and it has such a big impact on your well-being. Gemma is very knowledgeable and adjusts the classes to injuries and wishes of the team. As well as taking the time for questions & comments.

We would highly recommend this to any team!

Renee, ESSD Consulting
The best way to learn about our mobility programs is to have a go!
This is a free 20 minute mobility flow, designed to lengthen and strengthen your lower limbs by gently working through your active range of motion. We hope you enjoy it and that it will inspire you to join the community!

Healthy movement around joints is integral for everyday movement. Therefore, investing 20 minutes of your day into something so important to our body and well-being, is a no-brainer!

Stiffness into your hips and legs means that movements can start to feel clunky and restricted. This can sometimes lead to injuries whilst we perform basic everyday movements, as well as when we perform sports or fitness activities. So rather than waiting for that moment to occur, which brings major discomfort and a hefty medical bill, let’s try and prevent this trauma.

Remember, this class is free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Yourself, a mat (or rug), two sturdy books (or yoga blocks) and a cushion if you need to take some gentler options or to cushion your knees.


Unless you are currently injured or pre-/post-natal (in which case, please contact a healthcare professional), anybody of any age can do this class. There are many options provided throughout to help cater for different fitness levels.

If you are new to mobility training, you might find these hints and tips helpful:

  • Mobility training is nourishing for your body, not punishing.
  • If a position feels too difficult or uncomfortable, feel free to decrease your range, take available options and use assistance (e.g. blocks, cushions).
  • Don’t push through or ignore pain (e.g. shooting pain, nerve pain, closing angle joint pain). If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t! If in doubt, simply skip that exercise and rest in child’s pose ready for the next position.
  • Remember to breathe. Sounds obvious right? Nothing will happen in this training if you don’t breathe! Pushing yourself too hard can cause jagged breath or breath holding. This will hinder your results. Less is sometimes more.


This is a style of training which improves movement around the joints of your body.

You will see amazing improvements in your active range of motion, bulletproof your body against injuries and be able to move better in your hobbies, sports and everyday life.

Mobility training is a low impact workout which is perfect to nourish your body alongside your other training, for example as a recovery day activity.

Mobility training is for everybody’s body! There is no minimum fitness requirement and all you need for a mobility flow is some space and your mat.

We believe injury prevention is better than cure and mobility training is the perfect activity for this. However, if you already have an injury or other pre-existing condition always check with your health professional first as mobility training isn’t designed as a substitute for physiotherapy or specific injury rehabilitation session.


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