This is a style of training which improves movement around the joints of your body.

You will see amazing improvements in your active range of motion, bulletproof your body against injuries and be able to move better in your hobbies, sports and everyday life.

Mobility training is a low impact workout which is perfect to nourish your body alongside your other training, for example as a recovery day activity.

Additionally, if you are beginning your fitness adventure or coming back from a long break in exercise, this is a great way to start moving smartly with your body!
Mobility training is for everybody’s body!

There is no minimum fitness requirement and all you need for a mobility flow is some space and your mat. We believe injury prevention is better than cure and mobility training is the perfect activity for this.

However if you already have an injury or other pre-existing condition always check with your health professional first as mobility training isn’t designed as a substitute for physiotherapy or specific injury rehabilitation session. Finally, this program has not be designed for pre or post natal women. If in doubt, always check with your health professional first.
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– All our mobility classes
– Educational videos to help you learn more about specific movements
– Blogs about mobility and fitness topics
– Live weekly classes which will be recorded for those who cannot attend a specific time
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Upon completion, you will receive a welcome email and then your mobility jouney will begin!
Just like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you will be billed automatically each month. We use direct debit so if your card expires, there are no problems.

We don’t lock you into a contract or have any hidden costs therefore you know exactly what to expect and can change your mind at any time. But we are confident that you will love it 🙂
On our website we offer a free class to try as well as information video about what the Move Better Mobility programme is all about!

We focus on keeping the membership portal affordable and accessible to all with no locked in contracts, therefore we don’t offer a free trial.
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Still got issues?

We are here to help, please email [email protected] with the steps that you have taken and the issues that you have experienced.

Perhaps there is a glitch in the matrix or maybe we can support you with the sign up process. We will get IT moving better to help your body start moving better!
So happy to have you on board, welcome to the community!

You will receive an email from us confirming your subscription and with some information on how to access the portal. You will be able to sign in immediately and get moving with us.

When you visit the portal, we recommend that you watch the intro video before anything else and then choose what type of class suits you best.

You can look forward to a weekly email from us! This will update you on the newest classes to land in the ever expanding portal as well as reminding you of any live classes or events.
Heck no!

Although we would love to see you on a live class, there is no magic time that is going to suit everyone. This is why we will also record the class so you can still do the classes at a time that works for you and your life!

All live classes will be in the archives for you to use as much as you wish 🙂
100% YES!

We genuinely cannot think of one sport, activity or hobby that would not benefit from some mobility training. This mobility training is about helping you prevent injuries, bullet proof your body and support your body against the intensity that might come it’s way when we do the sport/activity/hobby that we choose.

For example

If you are a sport/activity keen bean:
-This is a great recovery day activity
-Use a short dynamic class as a warm up
-Use a slow stretchy class as a cool down
-Work through specific target areas which need unlocked in your body to help you unlock your potential in your interests
-Understand your body better. Know and enjoy the movements that you strive at, and work on the stickier/trickier movements in a nourishing manner
-Enjoy some calmer activity not just for the body, but also the mind
We want to keep it as simple as possible for you all

We recommend a non slip mat (yoga or exercise mat), however as a comfortable rug or carpet can also be okay.

We try to only use props that you will find around your house! (eg books, broomsticks and pillows). If you have yoga blocks, these are always helpful but is not a requirement. Before the class starts, we will always let you know if you need to go and grab some household items!
Any device you want!

We ensured that the portal can be watched via your mobile phone, tablet and laptop. If you really want to see the beautifully scenic backdrops behind Gemma, you can even cast MBM onto your TV :).
Easy peasey!

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Drop us an email at [email protected] and we will be very happy to assist you in your specific question

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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