Are you a warmup skipper? Then read on….

I get it, I too used to frequently skip warm ups (whilst actually learning and educating myself on movement through a sports science degree!) Now, I never skip a warmup.
Let’s break this blog down into three short snippets…
a) Warm Up Skippers :: Do any of these narratives resonate with you?
b) An alternative way to look at warmups
c) Benefits of warmups for your body and mind!


Actively Underactive

2021 had some amazing moments for me.
However, 2021 will also serve a very real memory for me as a year where my physical and mental health struggled.


Do you move from a place of joy?

When many of us think of fitness it’s six packs, weight loss journeys and aspiring bodies. And hey, that could be a nice little bonus outcome to our fitness regime potentially!
But how about we physically move with joy rather than move to get to a certain temporary extrinsic outcome?
How about we move because we want to, rather than we feel we have to?! What about looking forward to our exercise rather than rolling our eyes and starting to battle with excuses in our head?


I’ve got the lurgy! Should I exercise?

One common question I get asked is ‘should I exercise/train whilst I have a cold?’ As a fitness instructor, I see my keen bean participants attending my class no matter what bugs come their way. Sometimes this can been seen as fantastic dedication, other times I think it is a bit foolish.


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